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Digimon Card Game: EX05 Animal Colosseum Booster Display

The Beast Gladiators Gather in the Colosseum!

A battle for destiny is about to begin!!


  • The Four Sovereigns and Devas come together: Protectors of the Digital World, the Four Sovereigns, are now ACE cards! The Devas who serve the Four Sovereigns also make their debut!
  • The Sun and the Moon Digimon make their first appearance as cards!: The main characters from  the console game Digimon Story are also here!
  • The new [Fortitude] keyword effect is here!
  • Rare als cards with special finishes are included!
  • 1 special alt-art card is included among the types for English Version!
  • Get 3 types of special packs with box purchases! 


  • Card types

    74 types

  • Contents

    • 1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards.
    • 1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.
  • Rarity

    • Common: 22 types
    • Uncommon: 20 types
    • Rare: 18 types
    • Super Rare: 12 types
    • Secret Rare: 2 types

Digimon Card Game: EX05 Animal Colosseum Booster Display

SKU: BCL2705241-D
£107.76 Regular Price
£96.98Sale Price
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